Sherwood Greenwood Resort


We are ideally located in Kemer, Turkey on the shores of Goynuk Beach of the Mediterranean Sea. We are 40 minutes to Antalya International and Domestic Airport, 10 minutes to Kemer and a 5 minute walk to shops and bazaars.

About Kemer

Kemer is a seaside resort and is known for its natural beauty - sea, mountains and pine forest combined. The town of Kemer is vibrant with clubs, bars restaurants, and shops. As well, there is a large yacht marina. The Kemer region has many blue flag beaches, with Goynuk Beach included. There are many historical areas in the Kemer region as well. They include Olympos, Chimera, Paselis, and Myra as major touristic points of interest.

About Turkey

Turkey sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The country is located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asian and the Balkan region of south eastern Europe. It is bordered by the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey is a fascinating country where many important civilizations have flourished since 9,000 BC. Turkey was home to the ancient Hittites, Byzantines and the Ottomans who left behind their superb architectural and historical heritage.

Modern Turkey is a secular and democratic Muslim country, founded in 1920 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Despite its traditional and Islamic roots, Turkey is a western oriented country. Visitors to Turkey can find many things to do and see.